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Many years ago, after years working as a licensed mental health therapist, I noticed traditional talk-therapy was not helping some of my clients. It also hadn't helped me heal from a lot of my personal trauma. So, I decided to embark on a journey to explore new ways to help heal physical, mental and emotional distress. What I learned amazed me! Our physical bodies possesses incredible intelligence and play a vital role in the emotional healing process. When working with stressed or traumatized people, I utilize the  the body's innate mind-body connection to help people heal themselves through somatic awareness, therapeutic breath, EMDR, EFT, ancient wisdom traditions, mindfulness, medicine-assisted therapy, etc. The results can be incredibly profound.


I help people discharge long-harbored stress, release old trauma and allow the body's natural drive toward healing to calm the central nervous system, freeing them from many effects of a stressful or traumatic past. After having tried various trauma therapies myself, I have been amazed at the personal healing benefits I have received. I am thrilled to now be able to share what I have learned with you.


Receiving intensive or medicine-assisted therapy via self-pay can be a significant investment and I understand there are people for whom this type of treatment is economically out of reach currently. Because I genuinely want to help people, I have compiled many free and low cost resources at: I also plan to post lots of free psychoeducational content on my Facebook and YouTube pages: Love and Collective Healing. Please use links provided here: (coming soon).

In the Shop you can find low-cost guided imagery downloads. In the Blog section you can find free information about how to create a healthy sense of self-love, tips for improving communication, as well as other resources for helping people live healthier, more peaceful lives. I hope you will find something in these offerings to assist in your healing process until you can work with a trauma therapist in person. 


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